• We offer a specialised and comprehensive supply service for antibodies and related reagents
  • We take care of everything so you can focus on your research
  1. Experienced and 100% specialised antibody provider

Abyntek has 15 years of experience in customised antibody production and development, and many clients choose us due to our solid know-how in this type of reagents.

Since our very inception, in 2006, we have collaborated with a large number of researchers, helping them address issues such as:

  • Customs retentions
  • Lack of order aggregation
  • Unbudgeted additional expenses
  • Need for specialised technical support when searching for bioreagents

2. Comprehensive catalogue and assistance

In recent years, there has been significant growth and expansion in the number of laboratories producing proteomic solutions for the scientific community. To make the purchase of customised antibodies easier, there is a large number of browsers made available by manufacturing companies, distributors, or independent platforms.

We know that having an extensive catalogue is not enough to provide an adequate solution. Although we have more than 2 million references available, instead of facilitating the search, this wide range of solutions turns it into a tedious and sometimes misleading task. For all these reasons, our online browser can filter products by manufacturer, category and reactivity.

However, sometimes this filtering generates a large number of results that minimise the issue but do not solve it. Faced with this shortcoming, we felt the need to go further and complement this online browser with our free search service managed by highly specialised professionals.

The process is simple: fill in a form on the website with the most accurate information possible about the features of the product you are searching for (target, quantity, reactivity, technique to be used, etc.), and our technical team will search and filter the products that match that profile. Then, in just 24-48 hours, we will send the requestor an e-mail with the selected options, their technical information and a quote.

Abyntek does not merely supply reagents.We get involved in every project, taking into account the requirements and needs of each client.

Take a look at our browser and, if you need advice, let us know. Click here!

3. Customised production

In case the product required by the client is not commercially available, a high volume is needed, or any specific product customisation is requested, we can custom produce it.

Producing custom antibodies and bioreagents is a complex and highly demanding biotechnological process. In order to meet all project expectations, fluid and permanent communication between both teams is necessary. This implies validating the results of intermediate processes and making decisions judiciously within the established deadlines.

4. Customs processing

When it comes to bioreagents that can only be obtained abroad, we provide a comprehensive service so that the client can forget about cumbersome paperwork and focus solely on their research. Our team takes care of everything: from the search and the order processing to the resolution of any setback at customs and the bioreagent shipment.

We contact the manufacturer to learn about the costs, transport, and time it will take to arrive. Once both parties are informed, we make sure that your product is shipped under the agreed parameters so that your research follows its natural course, without any extra worries.

We invite you to go one step further: would you like to know how we can help you? Contact us!

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