Choosing the right antibody for your research can be the difference between a successful experiment and thousands of euros in materials going to waste. Not only is the key to be spot on with respect to the reactivity, the antigen and a wide array of technical variables but, in many cases choosing among the antibody brands is a decisive factor on its own.  

The antibodies market is filled with brands and laboratories that promise excellent results. However, when comparing results and processes, the experts agree that not all antibodies are created equal.

At Abyntek we have been more than 15 years navigating the reagent market and advising thousands of scientists on the topic. In this post, we have put together an exhaustive list of the best antibody providers, listing their specialities and their quality guarantees.

Providers of the best ELISAand CLIA kits for research

Bio X Cell: Experts on in Vivo Antibodies

When talking about antibodies formulated for in vivo research, there is no doubt that the gold standard is Bio X Cell.

With a catalogue filled with more than 400 references that include monoclonal antibodies, recombinant antibodies, biosimilars, buffers specifically formulated and, in general, any antibody a researcher looking to do experiments in vivo might need.

With more than 25 years of experience on the market and more than 19,000 quotations in top scientific journals, it is hard to think about an antibody brand with more of a quality guarantee than Bio X Cell.

Even when research is so novel or specific that their catalogue has no answer, their team of experts will formulate a custom antibody specifically designed for the needs of the researcher.

Lifespan Bio Sciences, leader son immunohistochemistry

When looking for antibodies validated for their use in immunohistochemistry, there’s no need to look further than Lifespan BioSciences.

With a catalogue covering a vast array of species and applications, and being available in several conjugated forms, their antibodies IHC-Plus are specifically designed to be used in immunohistochemistry of human tissue.

Recently they have released to the market an antibody line capable of detecting more than 200 targets of a cancer molecular pathology, and they are working to develop more.

Sino Biological, a varied and extensive catalogue

Distinguishing itself by its affordable price while not losing a bit of quality and professionalism, Sino Biological, besides the recombinant proteins they are notorious for, has a catalogue of more than 14,000 references.

They manage all their production in their in-house laboratories and adhere to the strict quality standards of the European Union. Nowadays their products are helping countless researchers in topics as varied as cancer, immunotherapy, tumoral diagnostics, and pharmacological research.

Well known for their fast turnaround and one of the best ratios between quality and price, Sino Biological is one of the antibody brands that better manages to balance speed and reliability with a competitive price.

Providers of the best ELISAand CLIA kits for research

Abyntek Research Reagents: the best option against cancer

After 15 years leading the supply of antibodies and other reagents in Spain and Portugal, we are facing a new challenge with the objective of providing the scientific community with the best reagents for research in the oncological field, with the backing of our scientific team and under the highest quality standards.

It is a reagent line of the maximum quality designed specifically for oncological research, including more than 46,000 references for antibodies, proteins and ELISA kits for the research of colon cancer, lung, chest, liver, prostate and melanoma, among others.

Additionally, at Abyntek we have renewed our commitment to the fight against the biggest illness of our time with a special program where we fund research in this field, making us one of the more socially committed antibody brands.

Providers of the best ELISAand CLIA kits for research

Creative Diagnostics: purified antigens of the highest quality

Creative Diagnostics is a company dedicated to offering antigens of the maximum quality. From viral and bacterial antigens to cardiac markers, their catalogue covers the whole spectrum of human health.

After going through rigorous control to ensure the product meets the human research standards, these antibodies will cover the researchers’ every need at every step of the project, from the initial tests to the validation of the results.

Despite the pricing at Creative Diagnostics being a bit higher than their counterparts, their dedication to quality, the fast turnaround and their involvement with researchers make them a sure bet when trying to accelerate your discoveries.

Jena Biosience: reagents with german precision

From their laboratories in Germany, Jena Biosience produces all kinds of reagents, from nucleotide kits to RNA technology, including materials focused on epigenetics, proteins and, of course, antibodies.

They are experts on antibodies for the detection and analysis, specifically antioxidant antibodies and ones dedicated to neurobiology, making them the ideal choice for those who are working in these areas.

ProSci: High-performance antibodies

Experts in biosimilars and single-domain antibodies, this American company focuses on ensuring the performance of their products, minimizing the chance of error and making so every euro is well spent.

With more than 800 biosimilars in their catalogue, ready to be sent at a moment’s notice, as well as single domain antibodies, specifically those directed to SARS-CoV-2. They also offer, as many other companies do, a custom service that has the respect of the scientific community.


Even after Reading this post, comparing prices and services of all these brands can be an overwhelming task, that only gets worse once you consider all the trouble that can involve customs, delivery times…

That’s why the easiest and most convenient option is to look for professional help, like the one we offer at Abyntek.

At Abyntek Biopharma we offer a complete assistance service to the researcher, helping them from the selection of a reagent to the process of writing the results. We have more than 15 years of experience helping out researchers on choosing a reagent, managing imports and taking care of any unexpected overcharge for the researcher.

Providers of the best ELISAand CLIA kits for research

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