DNA Genotek: Abyntek distribuidor de DNA Genotek en España y Portugal

DNA Genotek: Abyntek distribuidor de DNA Genotek en España y Portugal

Collection devices for

COVID-19 testing


Omnigene ORAl OME-505

Oracollect RNA ORE-100

    • More than 99% inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 in collected samples ii ,maximizing the safety for healthcare providers, individuals at home, mail personnel during sample shipping, and laboratory staff.
    • Collection devices and stabilization chemistries do not contain guanidinium.
    • Successfully utilized in qPCR/RT-qPCR assays iii and sequencing-based COVID-19 testing.
    • At-home collection without the challenges associated with clinical or hospital settings
    • Intuitive design to maximize ease-of-use, optimize donor experience and reduce self-collection errors.
    • Bacteriostatic chemistry inhibits the growth of bacteria from time of sample collection to processing.
    • Barcoded to improve sample traceability and facilitate the automated sample processing necessary to support large population-based studies
    • Maintains sample integrity throughout temperature fluctuations and room temperature storage, eliminating the need for cold-chain transportation or post-collection freezer storage.
    Collection devices for COVID-19 testing

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     Kits Abyntek

    Abyntek distribuidor de DNA Genotek desde 2007

    Abyntek DNA Genotek’s official distributor since 2007


    DNA Genotek provides high-quality biological sample collection, stabilization and preparation products for human genetics, microbiology and infectious disease applications. The company’s products protect and stabilize multiple sample types for long-term storage at ambient temperature to ensure the highest quality results for genetic analysis and testing. Due to their reliability and ease-of-use, DNA Genotek’s products are used by thousands of academic, biotechnology, diagnostic, agriculture, and other leading institutions around the globe.


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