ELK Biotechnology CO.,LTD is a high-tech biological enterprise, professional in life science, specializing in the introduction, research and development of morphological pathology, cell biology, molecular biology, protein immunology, and model animal related products.

It is located in the Biomedical Park of East Lake Hi-tech Development Zone Area, a national biological industry base with modern medical services, medical equipment and biomedicine industries as its core industries.

ELK was established in 2013 and currenty they have around 75 employees and more than 50 distributors all over the world. It specializes in the production of ELISA kits, antibodies and molecular biology reagents (DNA, RNA extraction kits and PCR related reagents). With 8000 + ELISA kits, 11000 + antibodies, molecular biology reagents and cell experiment related products, these are used in a number of medical biology research projects and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, a reliable choice for scientific researchers.

Their goal is to provide scientists with the most cutting-edge and cost-effective research tools and their mission is to provide the best solutions and the most reliable partners for researchers all over the world.

Explore the extensive range of ELK Biotechnology products available in our catalogue.

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