Isca Biochemicals offers custom peptide synthesis and a catalogue of high quality peptides and small molecules for life science research.

The Isca catalogue range consists of key peptide research tools alongside novel products for signal transduction, pain research, appetite regulation, endocrinology, neuroscience, immunology and cancer, acting as agonists, antagonists, enzyme inhibitors, substrates and fluorescent probes. The Isca catalogue range is driven by the continual introduction of innovative products, many of which are exclusive to Isca.

The Isca Biochemicals custom service has state of the art peptide synthesis facilities, and specialises in the synthesis of difficult and otherwise unobtainable peptides.  Isca can make peptides with a wide range of modifications including N-terminal, C-terminal and side-chain substitutions, multiple disulphide bridges, fluorescent labels, D-amino acid and stable isotopes incorporated, biotinylation, glycosylation, post translational modifications, PEGylation and more.

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