Abyntek Research Reagents is a proprietary brand belonging to Abyntek Biopharma, specializing in molecular biology, cellular biology, and immunology products. As the brand continues to expand its catalog of antibodies, proteins, and ELISA kits, it has established itself as a reliable and diverse source for researchers worldwide. The pharmaceutical company has invested significant resources in the incorporation of new bioreagents, resulting in a constant increase in high-quality research tools.

This expansion has been reflected in the growing presence of Abyntek Research Reagents’ bioreagents in renowned scientific publications. The continuous addition of research bioreagents to its brand catalog has led to an exponential increase in scientific references in high-impact factor journals.

In many cases, these reagents have been crucial in addressing the concerns raised by reviewers of the papers, demonstrating their reliability and efficacy. Renowned journals such as Nature Communications, Gut Microbes, and Frontiers in Pharmacology have highlighted the importance of Abyntek Research Reagents’ products by including them in cutting-edge and high-impact research.

Antibodies for multiple applications

Abyntek Research Reagents products comprehend a wide range of essential reagents for scientific research. Among them, primary and secondary antibodies stand out, applicable to various techniques such as western blot, immunohistochemistry, functional studies, immunoprecipitation, and flow cytometry, among others. These antibodies are known for their high specificity and sensitivity, making them indispensable tools in research laboratories. Abyntek Research Reagents also offers highly specific secondary antibodies for detecting primary antibodies, with a broad spectrum of conjugates to cover all needs.


Recombinant, functional, and tagged proteins

Abyntek Research Reagents also offers recombinant proteins, available both in free form and fused to different tags. These proteins are fundamental for a wide range of experiments, including protein-protein interaction studies, enzymatic activity assays, and the production of antigens for vaccine development. The versatility and quality of these proteins allow their use in various biotechnological and biomedical applications.


Validated ELISAs for a wide variety of biomarkers

Moreover, Abyntek Research Reagents’ ELISA kits are designed to offer very high sensitivity and specificity in detecting a wide variety of biomarkers. These ready-to-use kits are ideal for the precise quantification of proteins, antibodies, and other biomarkers in biological samples. The simplicity of use and robustness of these kits have facilitated their adoption in numerous laboratories worldwide, contributing to the generation of reliable, reproducible, and validated data.


Increasing presence of Abyntek Research Reagents products in the literature

The growing presence of Abyntek Research Reagents products in scientific literature reflects their impact on current research. Publications using these products are often high-impact, highlighting their importance within the scientific community. In many cases, these reagents have been crucial in addressing reviewers’ concerns, demonstrating their reliability and effectiveness. Prestigious journals like Nature Communications, Gut Microbes, and Frontiers in Pharmacology have emphasized the importance of Abyntek Research Reagents products in cutting-edge and high-impact research.

With the launch of its own product line, Abyntek takes a step forward in its commitment to researchers. Until now, Abyntek has excelled at finding and importing the most suitable reagents thanks to its multidisciplinary technical team and producing custom solutions when necessary. Since 2006, they have been a crucial support for hundreds of researchers, helping them with specialized technical support, order consolidation, and solving logistical and financial problems. Now, with their new product line, Abyntek not only continues to address these challenges but also becomes an even closer and more effective ally to the scientific community, offering innovative and customized solutions that facilitate research advancement.

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