Everest Biotech: Abyntek distribuidor de Everest Biotech en España

Everest Biotech: Abyntek distribuidor de Everest Biotech en España

Abyntek distribuidor de Everest Biotech desde 2016

Abyntek AAT Bioquest’s official distributor since 2016


En Everest Biotech son especialistas en anticuerpos policlonales de cabra purificados por antipéptidos y antígenos.

Los anticuerpos de Everest Biotech se liberan como productos Everest Elite Grade o Aspiring Grade , según su desempeño en las pruebas y el estado de conocimiento sobre la proteína objetivo. Everest Biotech ofrece alternativas de alta calidad a la gama de productos policlonales de Santa Cruz.



Everest Biotech – Experts in antigen affinity purified goat polyclonal antibodies. Since 2000, Everest has been producing a catalog containing thousands of goat antibodies against a broad range of human, mouse and rat proteins of biomedical interest.


All the antibodies in our catalog are:

 Manufactured by Everest Biotech.

 Tested by peptide ELISA and western blot.

 Fully supported by PhD qualified technical support.

 Covered by our industry leading “100% Satisfaction Guarantee”. Our catalog antibodies work in your lab or your money back.

 >98% of our catalog antibodies are in stock in both USA and UK offices for fastest possible delivery times.

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