The Basque biopharmaceutical company, specialist in design and distribution of bioreagents for scientific research, is positioned as the main national distributor of bioreagents thanks to its constant expansion of represented brands

Abyntek Biopharma reaches a new distribution agreement with Absolute Biotech group (USA), including Kerafast and Absolute Antibody to its list of distributed brands. Thanks to the new agreement, the Basque biopharmaceutical company has the 6 Absolute Biotech brands in its catalogue (LSBio; Exalpha; Everest; Nordic-Mubio; Kerafast and Absolute Antibody) reaching more than 50 represented brands.

With more than 5.5 million references in its catalogue and the constant incorporation of bioreagent brands, Abyntek Biopharma continues growing to provide the research community with a wide catalogue of products and comprehensive services.

As Ainara Hernando, CEO of Abyntek Biopharma, points out, “from the researcher’s perspective, finding the appropriate bioreagent for the research purpose is not always an easy task, either due to the number of existing references, difficulties with customs or the non-existence of the bioreagent. Given the difficulties in locating products, it is where companies specialising in distribution add value to the biotechnology sector, through our personalized services, facilitating the course of research.”

In addition to bioreagent supply services, Abyntek Biopharma provides researchers with digital tools such as browsers that allows them to locate antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits and other bioreagents by itself. These are tools equipped with brand, category and reactivity filters that make it easier for researchers to easily locate bioreagents.

An extensive catalog with more than 5.5 million references, a digital tool available to find inselfs bioreagents and the comprehensive servicie in bioreagents supply, positions Abyntek Biopharma as the main national distributor of bioreagents.

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