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The CRISPR/CAS9 system was discovered as a natural bacterial and archaeal defense against viruses. However, in recent years it has become the most widely used technology for genome editing. Researchers from all over the world are already using this method to perform specific changes in a wide variety of organisms, not only in basic but also in applied research.

Speed, efficiency, specificity and cost-effectiveness are some of its advantages, allowing modification of diverse cell types, including mammalian.

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CRISPR Antibodies


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CRISPR experiment screening

Once the CRISPR experiment is finished, the next question to ask ourselves is whether it has really been effective. Therefore, it is mandatory to check if Cas9 has already cut the DNA, and highly recommended to analyze where. This will inform us that the CRISPR model that has been generated is correct and the desired gene has been modified.
There are different ways to check that the target gene has been modified, being a successful CRISPR experiment. An experiment is considered successful when the target DNA has been cut only at the point for which it was designed, introducing a mutation that produces a change in the expression of the target gene.

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CRISPR technology applications

CRISPR technology is widely used in labs and not just for genetic edition.
Everyday CRISPR technology is improving and thus its uses are expanded.
In this article we will review some of these uses such as the visualization of endogenous genomic elements in living cells through imaging and detection systems as well as the most widespread applications of genome editing and regulation.

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