In this e-book, we summarize what are the great scientific discoveries in biosciences of 2023, focusing specifically on the fields of biomedicine, biochemistry, and genetics.

The unstoppable advance of innovation on which modern society is built does not stop at anything. Conserving the inertia obtained in the years in which the global pandemic spurred research, the last year in biomedical research has been full of incredible advances that bring us, step by step, closer to the future.

From the production of green fertilisers that reduce their impact on the environment to diagnostic methodologies at the cellular level, these discoveries will inspire researchers and scientists to push the boundaries of what is possible.

This whitepaper talks about:

  • Introduction: Great Discoveries in Biosciences in 2023
  • CAR-T Therapy for the treatment of tumours
  • New synthetic biology tools for metabolic control
  • Single-cell metabolomics
  • RNA-based medicine
  • Limb regeneration

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