In the world of biomedical research, precision and reliability are fundamental. Having reliable reagents is crucial for obtaining accurate and reproducible results. Brands from the Absolute Biotech group, distributed by Abyntek Biopharma in Spain, are a quality assurance for researchers’ experiments.

The Absolute Biotech group is positioned as a prominent reference in the manufacturing of bioreagents, and is composed of six innovative companies: LSBio, Exalpha, Absolute Antibody, Everest, Nordicmubio, and Kerafast. Each of these companies contributes its expertise and specialized knowledge to offer a wide range of antibodies and reagents that meet the highest standards of quality and specificity. In this article, we will explore the various options of reagents offered by the Absolute Biotech group, emphasizing high-quality antibodies for immunohistochemistry.

Solutions for different immunohistochemistry problems

Knowing which types of cells express a protein and how protein levels change during disease processes is of great value in basic research, drug discovery, or drug development.

IHC-plus™ antibodies from LSBio have been extensively validated for use in immunohistochemistry on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded human tissues. The validation process includes optimizing antigen retrieval, antibody concentration, and pathological interpretation of signal quality and quantity in 20 normal human tissues, brain regions, and/or cancers. This information is then compared with all available published expression and localization data for the protein, as well as multiple different antibodies targeting each target. This validation process allows LSBio to offer those IHC-plus™ antibodies that demonstrate the highest sensitivity and specificity for each target.

Whether investigating cancer biomarkers, apoptotic pathways, or lymphocyte subsets in immune disorders, IHC-plus™ antibodies from LSBio cover virtually all classes of proteins and work in multiple applications.

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However, the use of antibodies is not limited to cancer only but has also represented an advancement in the field of infectious diseases. An example of this are SCICONS monoclonal antibodies, distributed by Exalpha. SCIONS antibodies are used to detect double-stranded RNA intermediates from a wide range of viruses, including chikungunya, dengue, hepatitis, rabies, rhinovirus, polio, swine flu, and more.

The SCICONS monoclonal antibody line is the gold standard in double-stranded RNA detection for its high specificity, meticulous characterization, and lack of reactivity with single-stranded DNA and RNA. Highlighted in over 300 publications, these antibodies have a wide range of applications, such as detecting whether an unknown pathogen is bacterial or viral, enabling viral life cycle research, and studying antiviral responses. Find out the Exalpha antibodies

Reproducibility, sensitivity, and specificity, essential values ​​in immunohistochemistry

Regardless of the area of research, there is a main concern in the scientific community: reproducibility. If experiments are not reproducible, it is difficult to conduct thorough research in a field. To address this, Absolute Antibody specializes in the production of recombinant antibodies, ensuring the reproducibility of results across a wide variety of applications.

Recombinant antibodies are monoclonal antibodies produced using synthetic genes expressed in a defined in vitro cell line.

What do recombinant antibodies allow?

Compared to most monoclonal antibodies, which are produced from hybridomas, recombinant antibodies allow for supply chain control and reduced risk. Absolute Antibody uses a customized technological platform that allows for the development of a unique catalog of recombinant reagents.

The development of a successful diagnostic test or assay requires a secure supply chain of high-quality reagents. With antibody-based assays, it is important to select an antibody with guaranteed reproducibility from batch to batch and long-term supply assurance. Recombinant antibody technology enables the production of highly reliable antibodies adapted to your specific assay, providing superior performance throughout the lifespan of your diagnosis.

Although monoclonal and recombinant antibodies ensure reproducibility, traditional polyclonal antibodies continue to play an important scientific role. Their high affinity and specific sensitivity to different epitopes within the same sample provide a cost-effective monoclonal mixture and increase the opportunity for target antigen detection. In some cases, when target protein concentrations are low, polyclonal antibodies can offer greater detection sensitivity as multiple antibodies can bind to multiple epitopes on the same protein.

Everest Biotech specializes in affinity-purified goat polyclonal antibodies to peptides and antigens. They have been producing high-quality goat antibodies for the international research market since 2000, developing a catalog of thousands of polyclonal antibodies targeting human, mouse, and rat proteins of biomedical interest.

Beyond immunohistochemistry: reagents for other techniques

Flow Cytometry

Antibodies can be used for techniques beyond immunohistochemistry, such as ELISA, Western Blot, or immunoprecipitation, for example. Among other applications, one must highlight flow cytometry. This technique not only demands high-quality antibodies but also requires specific reagents so that epitopes are not affected and cell sorting can be accurately performed. To meet these needs, Nordic MUbio, from the Absolute Biotech group, has reagents like FIX&PERM®, specifically designed for flow cytometry.

FIX&PERM® offers several advantages for flow cytometry experiments. Firstly, it gently fixes cells while preserving their flow cytometric scatter characteristics, ensuring accurate analysis. Additionally, it allows for simultaneous characterization of intracellular and cell surface markers, providing comprehensive data in a single assay. The technique is rapid, making it suitable for immediate analysis or storage for up to 24 hours.

Its strict quality control ensures reliability, with each batch confirmed through well-defined blood samples and comparison of scatter characteristics and immunologic staining patterns. Furthermore, FIX&PERM® is stable, without volatile organic solvents, allowing for storage at room temperature during shipping and in laboratories. Lastly, it is flexible and compatible with most monoclonal antibody conjugates, as well as a variety of antibodies with optimized characteristics, providing versatility for various experimental needs.

Cell lines

To perform these techniques, it is imperative to have high-quality substrates. Having quality cell lines is essential for the success of laboratory research. To meet these needs, Kerafast specializes in supplying cell lines of different origins.

The combined use of cell lines and appropriate antibodies is fundamental for preclinical research, as it ensures the validity and reliability of results, provides a better understanding of target biology, optimizes experimental conditions, and improves the translation of preclinical results to clinical trials. With a wide variety of cell lines available, Kerafast facilitates research in a variety of areas, providing indispensable tools for experimental studies. Researchers can access authentic and well-characterized cell lines to advance their research.

Appropriate cell lines can pave the way for experimental understanding to advance cancer treatment research. Some specific examples of their use include evaluating the effectiveness of immune checkpoint inhibitors in immunotherapy, assessing therapies targeting specific overexpressed or mutated molecules in cancer cells, testing combination therapies to enhance their effectiveness, and identifying new drugs and therapeutic targets. These cell lines, combined with antibodies, are essential for deepening our understanding of cancer immunotherapy and the development of more effective treatments.

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